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Previous Online Questions And Answers

Previous Online Questions And Answers

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These are 100 Best Questions and Answers to ask Kerala PSC Examinations, it’s not just anyhow questions but questions that are friendly, questions that will make job seekers feel good.

Most candidates don’t actually know how to ask questions, they might end up sending a wrong signal with their questions and answers unknowingly.

Especially when you are meeting with someone for the first and you are trying to make a good impression, your question can turn the person off.

You might be wondering:

Kerala PSC and Hospitality Assistant examination Answer Key with 100 Questions and Answers going to published now. Category number 500/2013. Paper Code 26/2016/OL. Medium of Questions English and Date of Test is 26/02/2016. Question Alphacode A.


100 Best Questions and Answers Kerala PSC Examination of Nurse

100 Interesting Questions and Answers to ask Kerala PSC examinations

100 Questions Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Needs To Answer Immediately


Top Kerala PSC Free 100 Previous Online Questions And Answers


1. Cities with population of 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs is known as

A. Y-city
B. Z-city
C. C-city
D. D-city
Answer. Option-A

2. Niti Ayog is the name of

A. Electron Commission
B. Planning Commission
C. Human Rights Commission
D. None of these
Answer. Option-B

3. Which is the thrust area of AMRUT Scheme ?

A. Rural areas
B. Tribal areas
C. Urban areas
D. Both rural and urban areas
Answer. Option-C

4. The 10° channel devides

A. Lakshadeep and Kerala
B. India and Srilanka
C. Andaman and Nicobar
D. Lakshadeep and Maldives
Answer. Option-C

5. The place where black soil is found in Kerala

A. Chittur
B. Nedumkandom
C. Iritty
D. Nilambus
Answer. Option-A

6. The largest protected mangrove forest in Kerala

A. Dharmadom
B. Kadalundi
C. Kumarakam
D. None of these
Answer. Option-B

7. The state which receives its maximum rain fall from Northeastern mansoon

A. West Bengal
B. Meghalaya
C. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Tamilnadu
Answer. Option-D

8. Freedom fighter, who founded Punjab National Bank was

A. Gopalkrishna Gokhale
B. Dadabai Naoroji
C. Balagangadar Tilak
D. Lalalajpat Rai
Answer. Option-D

9. During freedom struggle, who among the following was related to India house in London ?

A. Shyamji Krishnavarma
B. Madam Cama
C. Sohan Sing Bakna
D. Bhagat Singh
Answer. Option-A

10. ‘Zafar’ was the penname of

A. Kunwar Singh
B. Bahudur Shah II
C. Tantya Tope
D. Moulavi Ahammed Ulla
Answer. Option-B


100 Questions and Answers

100 Best Questions and Answers Kerala PSC Examination of Nurse


11. Who started the magazine ‘Sivayoga Vilasam’ ?

A. Kumaranasan
B. Dr. Palpu
C. Vagbhatananda
D. T.K. Madhavan
Answer. Option-C

12. Freedom fighter K.B. Menon was associated with

A. Kayyur Riot
B. Morozha Riot
C. Keezhariyur Bomb Case
D. Malabar Rebellion of 1921
Answer. Option-C

13. Who started ‘Anandamahasabha’ ?

A. Sree Narayana Guru
B. Brahmananda Sivayogi
C. Ayya Vaikundar
D. Ayyankali
Answer. Option-B

14. ‘Mitavadi’ journal of C. Krishnan was started from

A. Cochin
B. Kozhikode
C. Kannur
D. Thrissur
Answer. Option-B

15. The name ‘Pandiparayan’ is associated with

A. Ayya Vaikundar
B. Kumara Guru
C. Thycad Ayya Swami
D. Pandit Karuppan
Answer. Option-C

16. World Refugees Day is observed on

A. July 20
B. June 20
C. August 20
D. May 20
Answer. Option-B

17. Bibek Deb Rai Committe is associated with

A. Indian Railway
B. Indian Airways
C. Water transport
D. National Highways
Answer. Option-A

18. Mascot of 2015 Copa America is

A. Zakumi the lion
B. Holo the wise wolf
C. Andi the tiger
D. Zincha the red fox
Answer. Option-D

19. Which state has been awards as the best e-panchayat state for 2015 ?

A. Kerala
B. Telangana
C. Assam
D. Odisha
Answer. Option-C

20. Recently died Christopher Lee is associated with

A. Music
B. Cinema
C. Architecture
D. Sports
Answer. Option-B


Questions and Answers

100 Interesting Questions and Answers to ask Kerala PSC examinations


21. Standard size of a cover is

A. 20″ × 18″
B. 24″ × 18″
C. 22″ × 18″
D. 20″ × 24″
Answer. Option-B

22. European Plan (EP) means

A. Room rent only
B. Room rent and breakfast
C. Room rent and dinner
D. Room rent lunch and dinner
Answer. Option-A

23. Restaurant which runs 24 hrs. a day is known as

A. Multi cuisine restaurant
B. Pub
C. Coffee shop
D. Discotheque
Answer. Option-C

24. Salted roe of sturgeon fish is

A. Caviar
B. Smoked fish
C. Canapé
D. Stout
Answer. Option-A

25. Fermented apple juice is known as

A. Bitter
B. Must
C. Malaga
D. Cider
Answer. Option-D

26. Champagne is a distinctive product of

A. Italy
B. Germany
C. Scotland
D. France
Answer. Option-D

27. Cannelloni is an example for

A. Pizza
B. Pasta
C. Beer
D. Cigar
Answer. Option-B

28. Wine in which alcohol is added to increase the alcoholic strength is known as

A. Fortified wine
B. Aromatised wine
C. Table wine
D. Sparkling wine
Answer. Option-A

29. __________ is a cold soup.

A. Broth
B. Minestrone
C. Gazpacho
D. Chowder
Answer. Option-C

30. Indian term used to indicate meat is

A. Anar
B. Gobi
C. Ghost
D. Malai
Answer. Option-C

31. A trolley on which semi prepared food is completed at the guest’s table is

A. Banquet trolley
B. Geuridon trolley
C. Grill
D. Barbecue
Answer. Option-B

32. Vegetables cut into thin match stick size pieces is known as

A. Brunoise
B. Mirepoix
C. Shredding
D. Julienne
Answer. Option-D

33. Sweetened flavored spirit is called

A. Wine
B. Liqueur
C. Sherry
D. Marsala
Answer. Option-B

34. Flour flavoured with salt and pepper is known as

A. Seasoned flour
B. Herb
C. Marinade
D. Batter
Answer. Option-A

35. Other name for quarter plate is

A. Dinner plate
B. Breakfast plate
C. Side plate
D. Centre plate
Answer. Option-C

36. Mise en place means

A. Type of services
B. Briefing
C. French wine
D. Preparation before operation
Answer. Option-D

37. French term for egg is

A. Potage
B. Oeuf
C. Poisson
D. Legume
Answer. Option-B

38. Oregano is a

A. Herb
B. Fish
C. Sauce
D. Fruit
Answer. Option-A

39. Sherry is an example for

A. Fortified wine
B. Aromatised wine
C. Sparkling wine
D. Table wine
Answer. Option-A

Kerala PSC Nurse Questions

100 Questions Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Needs To Answer Immediately


40. Mozzarella is a

A. Cream
B. Paste
C. Cheese
D. Sandwich
Answer. Option-C

41. Mexican spirit made from blue agave plant is

A. Tequila
B. Gin
C. Liqueur
D. Hennessy
Answer. Option-A

42. Cappuccino is a variety of

A. Tea
B. Coffee
C. Cocktail
D. Soft drink
Answer. Option-B

43. Equal quantity of flour and butter cooked together is known as

A. Sauce
B. Mirepoix
C. Bouquet gram
D. Roux
Answer. Option-D

44. Fried small cubes of bread used as a garnish for soups is called

A. Toast
B. Croutons
C. Melba toast
D. Canapés
Answer. Option-B

45. Traditional rice wine from Japan is

A. Armagnac
B. Port
C. Sake
D. Madeira
Answer. Option-C

46. Chardonnay is a variety of

A. Grape
B. Mineral water
C. Coffee
D. Cheese
Answer. Option-A

47. Ingredient used to flavour gin

A. Hopes
B. Cherry
C. China grass
D. Juniper berries
Answer. Option-D

48. Rum is produced from

A. Barley
B. Molasses
C. Potatoes
D. Wheat
Answer. Option-B

49. Cointreau is an example for

A. Brandy
B. Wine
C. Liqueur
D. Cheese
Answer. Option-C

50. Fermented Pear juice is known as

A. Perry
B. Sherry
C. Vermouth
D. Martini
Answer. Option-A

51. Lager is a variety of

A. Tobacco
B. Tonic water
C. Beer
D. Cream
Answer. Option-C

52. White wine is served

A. With crushed ice
B. With red meat
C. At room temperature
D. Chilled
Answer. Option-D

53. A menu in which each items priced separately is

A. Table d’ hole
B. A la carte
C. Carte du’ jour
D. Banquet menu
Answer. Option-B

54. Cocks comb is a

A. Napkin folding
B. Hall arrangement
C. Flower arrangement
D. Wine arrangement
Answer. Option-A

55. Breakfast consisting only bread and tea/coffee is

A. American
B. English
C. Continental
D. European
Answer. Cancelled

56. ____________ is an enzyme used to produce cheese.

A. Gouda
B. Cheddar
C. Rennet
D. Gruyere
Answer. Option-C

57. All beverages are served

A. From right side of guest
B. Pre plated
C. From left side of guest
D. Chilled
Answer. Option-A

58. Another name for side station in a restaurant is

A. Dummy store
B. Dummy waiter
C. Waiters friend
D. Captains friend
Answer. Option-B

59. American service is also known as

A. Guest service
B. Host service
C. Silver service
D. Pre plated service
Answer. Option-D

60. Salt and pepper containers placed on a guests table in a restaurant is called

A. Peppermill
B. Cruet set
C. Favouring
D. Serviette
Answer. Option-B

61. Parmesan cheese is from

A. Italy
B. France
C. Switzerland
D. England
Answer. Option-A

62. The distillation process in which spirit is produced as single batch in large copper pots is

A. Patent still
B. Coffee still
C. Post still
D. Continues still
Answer. Option-C

63. During fermentation sugar is converted into __________ by the action of yeast.

A. Vinegar
B. Alcohol
C. Glucose
D. Amino acid
Answer. Option-B

64. Brandy comes from the Dutch word “Brande Wijn” which means

A. Best wine
B. Branded wine
C. Braised wine
D. Burnt wine
Answer. Option-D

65. Malt whisky is usually made from

A. Barley
B. Corn
C. Wheat
D. Rice
Answer. Option-A

66. Scotch whisky is a blend of malt whisky and

A. Wine
B. Distilled water
C. Grain whisky
D. Mineral water
Answer. Option-C

67. Name of Rum and Coca-Cola Cocktail is

A. Cuba Libre
B. Rum Libre
C. Coke Libre
D. French Libre
Answer. Option-A

68. Tequila is traditionally drunk neat with lime and

A. Honey
B. Salt
C. Sugar
D. Red chilly
Answer. Option-B

69. __________ is used to produce beer.

A. Molasses
B. Barley
C. Wheat
D. Sugar
Answer. Option-B

70. Aperitifs are served _________ a meal.

A. During
B. In the middle of
C. Before
D. After
Answer. Option-C

71. Consomne gets its name from

A. Veg. used
B. Meat used
C. Water used
D. Garnish used
Answer. Option-D

72. Maitre d’ hotel means

A. Lady waiter
B. Captain
C. Lady captain
D. Senior captain
Answer. Option-D

73. The department responsible for the sale of rooms in a hotel is

A. Front office
B. F & B Service
C. House Keeping
D. Accounts
Answer. Option-A

74. Tartare Sauce is a derivative of

A. White sauce
B. Mayonnaise sauce
C. Veloute
D. Consommé
Answer. Option-B

75. __________ is used for flavouring beer.

A. Herbs
B. Hops
C. Spices
D. Flavourings
Answer. Option-B

76. Gin was first produced in

A. France
B. Italy
C. Holland
D. Russia
Answer. Option-C

77. __________ sauce is served with oyster.

A. Tomato
B. Worcester shire
C. Soya
D. Tabasco
Answer. Option-D

78. The best tobacco leaves for the production of cigars are grown in

A. India
B. Japan
C. Germany
D. Cuba
Answer. Option-D

79. The main body of the cigar is called

A. Binder
B. Wrapper
C. Band
D. Filler
Answer. Option-D

80. Bacon is made by preserving the meat of

A. Pig
B. Lamp
C. Beef
D. Duck
Answer. Option-A

81. V.S.O.P. is found on the label of a _________ bottle.

A. Whisky
B. Vodka
C. Gin
D. Brandy
Answer. Option-D

82. Screw driver is a famous cocktail made with

A. Vodka
B. Beer
C. Gin
D. Tequilas
Answer. Option-A

83. Famous apple brandy from France

A. Calvados
B. Appy
C. Margarita
D. Cider
Answer. Option-A

84. Wine gets the colour from

A. Sugar used
B. Skin of grapes
C. Quality of water used
D. Fermentation
Answer. Option-B

85. Golden rum gets its colour from

A. Distillation
B. Plum
C. Wooden cask
D. Cherry
Answer. Option-C

86. Vodka was produced in Russia and _______ earlier.

A. France
B. Japan
C. Poland
D. Italy
Answer. Option-C

87. Black beer produced by roasting malt at high temperature is

A. Lager
B. Porter
C. Draught
D. Pilsner
Answer. Option-B

88. Irish coffee is prepared by adding ________ in black coffee, garnished with a float of cream.

A. Irish brandy
B. Irish whisky
C. Honey
D. Coca cola
Answer. Option-B

89. Specialist tea which is served chilled with crushed ice and drunk without milk is

A. Chilled tea
B. Oolong tea
C. Iced tea
D. Indonesian tea
Answer. Option-C

90. _________ is a mother sauce.

A. Chilli sauce
B. Soya sauce
C. Worcester shire sauce
D. White sauce
Answer. Option-D

91. A section in the kitchen where cold meat cuts and salads are prepared is

A. Still room
B. Satellite kitchen
C. Grill
D. Garde manger
Answer. Option-D

92. Consommé with flowerets of cauliflower is known as consommé

A. Floretine
B. Brunnoise
C. Dubarry
D. Breton
Answer. Option-C

93. An International soup from India which is served garnished with boiled rice is

A. Mulligatawny
B. Tomato shorba
C. Gumbo
D. Minestrone
Answer. Option-A

94. Small cup for serving black coffee is

A. Emmentaler
B. Cafe late
C. Coffee pot
D. Demitasse
Answer. Option-D

95. The process of converting cloudy wine into clear one is known as

A. Remuage
B. Fining
C. Degorgement
D. Aging
Answer. Option-B

96. Room consists of one double room and one living room is called

A. Duplex
B. Pent house
C. Suite
D. Studio
Answer. Option-C

97. Hotel suited in the heart of the city is known as

A. Motels
B. Floatel
C. Resort
D. Down town hotel
Answer. Option-D

98. Flowers to VIP rooms are provided by _________ department.

A. House keeping
B. Room service
C. Front office
D. Security
Answer. Option-A

99. Traditional system for blending and maturing sherry is

A. Bottom ferment system
B. Triplicate system
C. Top ferment system
D. Solera system
Answer. Option-D

100. A beverage which combines one or more alcoholic beverages with a mixer is

A. Mocktail
B. Tonic water
C. Cocktail
D. Liqueur
Answer. Option-C

That’s the Answers for 100 Interesting Questions and Answers to ask Kerala PSC examinations. Thank you for visiting and see you again at the next post update!

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